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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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take a look at these three triplets. the doctors say the odds about 1 in 50 million. >> have a great weekend. the real starts now. why is dronld trump not going to south carolina as planned? i'm gretchen carlson. starting an hour from now the candidates will address supporters at the take back america forum. the big headline is that donald trump now saying he's not showing up. what happened? >> his campaign is saying he had a business deal that prevented him from coming here.
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some have suggested it's a sign it's been a tough week between the debate and his interaction with a supporter that he has taken a lot of criticism. criticism coming from the left and the right. >> he's got to decide what he wants to do for himself. if somebody at my town hall meeting said something like that, i would correct them. i would say the president is a christian and he was born this this country. those two things are self-evident. >> i think it's a disgrace to request whether or not the president of the united states was born in this country. i thought we were beyond that. it's an outrage. >> reaction continues to pour in. some sensing there's vulnerability on the behalf of mr. trump. >> would be interesting if that was the real reason. how big is this event today? >> it's huge.
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look at the aretna behind me. you've got a lot of top people coming here. ten candidates. south carolina senator lindsey graham is not here. graham is on the campaign trail in iowa where voters don't know him as well. all of them would be here except for mr. trump. >> very interesting developments. breaking donald trump will not be there. hillary clinton picking up a key endorsement today. chief white house correspondent live for us. you sneaked in the last question at her news conference as she
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walked off stage. what happened? >> that's right. i'll get to that in a second. hillary clinton decided to really double down on her comments about donald trump. you heard mike reporting about donald trump not correcting this person at a town hall meeting last night who suggested the president is muslim is not american. the person saying that muslims are bad people. donald trump taking this heap for not pushing back on all of that. hillary clinton said she's appalled by donald trump not jumping in there and this rhetoric has to start. he has to start behaving like a president and this is way out of bounds and he was impugning the president of the united states. as you say there are a lot of potential reasons why hillary clinton is focusing on donald trump. one being she's dropping in the polls and she had the e-mail controversy. let's remember the republicans have had two big debates so far. the democrats haven't had one
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yet. i pressed her on that subject. listen. >> secretary clinton, will you call on the dnc to have more debates? >> i'll be where ever they tell me to be. she is not pushing the dnc for more debates. >> as we continue to watch the polls and the plunging numbers for hrc. sounds like they are looking for help from bill. >> today is the first day we're seeing bill clinton out on the trail. last night you see these
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pictures, she had empty seats. today the vent was much more crowded here at the university of new hampshire. the fire chief said there was 350 people. bernie sanders, he had something like 1,000 people or more in new york at a small dollar fund-raiser. we have just learned he's going to be on this very campus where i am on sunday. his staff tells me they have rsvps of 1300 people coming on sunday. hillary clinton, the same campus today, 350 people. that tells you the story. >> yeah. the numbers speak loud and clear. thank you. friends of admitted charleston church shooter facing a federal judge moments ago. he pleaded not guilty to concealing knowledge about the crime related to the massacre at the bible study. it happened back in june. that shooting left nine people dead injuring, including the
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church's pastor. also a state senator. if convicted of all charges he could face up to eight years behind bars. roof faces nine counts of murder and three counts after attempted murder as his trial is set for july. the epa accusing vw of adopting a device to trick regulators into believing the cars met clean air standards. florida a&m university settling a wrongful death lawsuit with the family of robert champion for 1.1 million over his hazing death. if you thought last month was hot, you're right. government scientists say this is the hottest august in modern history according to global records going back more than 130 years. running for president is all about the dough. who is bringing in the big campaign cash and where is it coming from? witnesses dive into action
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when a school bus plunges into a pond with 27 kids on board. >> just wanted to swim faster. i could hear the voices and all i could think was i have to get every kid off this bus.
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i think it shows that carly won the debate wednesday night. she did a great job. she's very exact in what she says with the people. i think people in south carolina and across the state really like the conservative values she has and the way she's been surging here in south carolina she's had a huge surge. we're very excited about that. i would believe as far as answering the question that you're talk about, we should just pitch that to carly herself and let her answer that for you. i think she would do great job on that answer. >> i want to call your attention to what happened to john mccain when he was running for president and a woman at town hall had similar fears. listen to this. >> he's an arab. he's not -- >> no.
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>> no ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen, that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. that's what this campaign is all about. >> that was the different in how john mccain chose to handle it. i'm sure it's going to come up there. we'll have do see how the candidates handle it in south carolina. >> exactly. >> we want to know your thoughts about wisconsin governor scott walker post-debate comment. taking a shot at the media, accusing them of being in tank for carly. >> we knew the narrative. they would say carlisten y would have a big night no matter what and obviously they said that. >> how would you respond to that? i'm a member of the media. i went in with open eyes and watched the debate from every candidate. >> right. i think there's a military saying that when you're flying
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over the target, you're going to take flak. carly is definitely over the target. she proved that on wednesday night. she's going to take flak. i think this was a shot at a rising star. the way she's surging in south carolina she's proven to be number one. i think this was just flak coming from somebody that sees her flying. >> you are one of her supporters there. thanks much. quite a scare for some florida kids on the way home from school. their bus driving into a pond near tampa. 27 kids on board made it out safely, all of them. one fifth grade safety patroller being called a hero for helping in the rescue. >> a little girl's hand and put them around my neck.
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i grabbed two other kids and dragged them out of bus. >> nicholas helping a kindergarten kindergartener, second grader and first grader. the bus driver said he have having an issue with the brakes before the accident. school officials now investigating. another fox news alert to tell you about because baby doe has been identified. the breaking details on who this little girl was plus who police are questioning now. a new debate was in the u.s. military about combat roles and gerund. why the marines are trying to close combat jobs to women. what do you think about that? do you agree or disagree with the marines trying to keep women out of some of those positions? tweet me at gretchen carlson.
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[phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. a break in the case of baby doe. her body was found on the shores of boston harbor. police i'ving her as bella. >> someone close to the child said the girl had been missing for a while. every time the tipster asked where the parents was the mom would say she was taken away by the department of children and family services. there was no child in the custody of dcf. the police executed a search warrant on the family's home near boston and now believe that
11:19 am
bella is baby doe. both the mother and her boyfriend have been questioned in the girl's death and both have been arrested. on june 25th, a woman walking her dog along the shoreline near boston found the girl's body in a trash bag. because of sea water erosion the body had no fingerprints and it was nearly impossible to identify. investigators came up with this computer generated image of what the girl probably looked like at around four years old. turns out she's just under the age of three. the image was viewed 50 million times and generated hundreds of tips but no hard lead. more than 200 girls were ruled out as baby doe. pollen samples found on the girl's clothing suggested she spent a lot of time in the boston area before her death. that's where the search was focused. there's still no word on the exact cause of death. there were no signs of trauma or
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any signs of poisoning. the body was found on june 25th but it's unclear when the girl went missing. the last pictures her mom posted on facebook were from last christmas. the mother also has a history of drug problems. >> interesting develop. thank you. go back to politics now. 2016, republican candidates winning the race for campaign cash. the big money is flowing to gop hopefuls. what do you make of it? is it because we have more candidates that they are raising more money than the dems? >> i think not only do we have a lot of candidates, we have a lot of high quality candidates. it's not surprising to me that supporters of governors and senators, some people who have been incredibly successful as
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leaders this american politics are finding folks who are well heeled who want to financially support them running for president. i don't find it shocking. >> let's take a look per candidate. i want to show our viewers this map. this is jeb bush. he has a tremendous amount of support. we know he's raised more money than anyone in the field. >> sure. >> it really hasn't helped him though. that's one of my points that i try to make often. donald trump and bernie sanders are both leading candidates in either party. neither one has spent very much money. neither one has raised much money. most of the money they have raised is in small increments. they are dominating in the amount of donors and dominating in small donors. they are excited about their candidacy. money doesn't necessarily equate to success. i think you're seeing that not
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only in the republican party but in the democratic party as well. >> that's so important. that hasn't always been the case. it's similar to jeb bush with the focus in florida where he's from. >> that's right. again, jeb bush, marco rubio being strong in florida, i think that people there know them both very well and comfortable with them. they have relationships with them. that's why they find success in their home states. ted cruz, rick perry now ou of the race. both of them had very strong texas ties. i think it's really kind of about relationships. >> okay. let's take a look. this is ben carson. i think this is only interesting in the sense he really seems to be gaining interest in small i increments from all across the country. look. he said one of his biggest lines when he's out on the campaign trail is i'm self-funded. that's part of what people like about him. >> dr. carson long ago had a
11:23 am
brilliant small dollar strategy which encompassed using telephones, online and mail. i think it has been incredibly successful to not just raise money but bring people his message. that's what those things do. it builds you a strong donor base but those people who are willing to come out and support you especially in successful times. >> let's take a look at carly fiorina. not half of what ben carson had, not yet. we'll see. >> this is about relationships. people there know her. i think next reporting period you'll see her skyrocket across the country with support. i don't think that's going to be any surprise. it's about relationships on your home turf. >> the blue signifies democratic money. she has some of the big concentric circles meaning over
11:24 am
a million dollars. i want to show bernie sanders. this is proving your point. his is much smaller donations. >> that's one of the reasons that bernie is overtaking hillary clinton. this is not about really people wanting to support bernie sanders but it's about them being against, these are democratic primary voters, being against hillary clinton. she is so weak right now even if she becomes the nominee, i fret for their survival next summer and fall when she's trying to raise money then. >> okay. very interesting. getting into the heart of all the dough. speaking of hillary clinton having a hard time staying ahead of her competition. is the real problem bernie sanders? her e-mail scandal or joe biden being in the race? our political panel will discuss. the heartwarming story of a
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marines trying to close some combat jobs to women as the other three military bodies are opening up their jobs. national security correspondent
11:29 am
jennifer griffin from the pentagon. >> a fight brewing between the navy secretary and the next chairman of the joint chief who served as marine until recently. it's whether the marines will be allowed to exclude women from combat jobs after a recent study concluded the all male units moved faster shot more accurately, could carry more weight and suffered fewer injuries than gender integrated unit units. they want to keep their infantry and artillery positions all male. the civilian who oversees the marine corps says he won't ask for an exemption. >> i've been pretty clear about this for a while. i'm not going to ask for an exemption for the marines. >> recently two females
11:30 am
graduated from the grueling army ranger school becoming the first two women to do so. the army, navy and air force plan to open all of their combat jobs to women. in a letter to the defense secretary a former marine is demanding that mavis resign because he openly disrespected the marine corps as an institution and insulted the competency of the marines by disregarding their quality of leadership. the debate began in 2013. the service chiefs have until next year to ask for an exemption. >> thank you. hillary clinton falling in the polls as the democratic front-runner gets bogged down over a scandal after her use of private e-mail. is that her biggest problem or
11:31 am
is these two guys and specifically joe biden a threat? it's the moderate who are leaving her in droves. >> a moderate democrat is likely to vote for joe biden. the joe biden freight train is coming. it's teed up perfectly for him. he can step in. he doesn't have the scandal swirling around him that hillary clinton has. frankly, he's a likable guy. she's making all these efforts to appear to be likable and funny and the comedy skits. she's trying to get ahead of being the woman who a, isn't trustworthy and not very likable. >> isn't that why bernie sanders
11:32 am
really soaring? if he's the democratic nominee, i've talked to a bunch of democrats last night, they're not voting for him. >> i don't think he will be the nominee. i think once hillary clinton learns to fake authenticity she'll be doing real well. the fact is that biden, i don't think is going to get in. i really don't think so. moderates will go where ever the democratic nominee is. they won't vote republican. >> why not? they voted ronald reagan. you don't know who the nominee will be. >> other than john kasich, you don't have too many moderates. she's in trouble with middle of the road democrats and independents who say this is not
11:33 am
what want signed up for. >> they liked her a lot last time. she led with the moderates. >> we want to move onto this. large portion of the country standing with ahmad after a texas teacher thought his clock was a bomb. one of the largest muslim groups in texas standing by the police saying it doesn't blame them for handcuffing and suspending the student. >> i agree. it's outrageous that this 14-year-old student, a science student, they knew who he was. they knew he was a tinkering of science. they knew he was not a threat. the police chief acknowledged even after they knew it was a bomb they still went forward with the arrest. that's outrageous. >> abc affiliate said the kid
11:34 am
wasn't forthcoming when the police were called. when he goes to the white house for his clock building summit with president obama, you might leave that behind because the u.s. secret service would have big problems. >> i hope he brings the clock. >> good point. >> bring the clock. >> here a quote, we're not pointing a finger at the school district or the police department. under the current climate that exists in this country you can't blame them because when they see something like that they have to react. what about the fact the white house called up certain groups of people to meet them in the administration based on what fits their dialogue. >> i'm not sure what you mean by what fits their dialogue in. >> when a little girl writes police a thank you note, she doesn't get called to white house. >> the president showing leadership people are scared. >> we're told see something, say
11:35 am
something. now i guess if you see something that looks like a clock -- >> a 14-year-old with a clock. >> put it side by side. it's hard to tell the difference. >> this kid was known in the school. he wasn't a stranger. they knew who he was. >> everyone's trying to get in on this. the social media outreach, hillary clinton, president obama offering him an internship. >> he's verified on twitter. i can't get verified on twitter. >> i don't want that clock. get me little watch. i thought watches would be smaller, not bigger. >> here it is. he is coming to the white house for astronauts day. >> good. >> it's fantastic. it's all fantastic. >> sure. a clock summit. >> have a fantastic weekend. iow for my take on this. i think it's fantastic that we're fostering engineering and science in school across
11:36 am
america. god knows we need to be doing more of this and inspiring kids to be interested. of course i'm inspired by the talent of 14-year-old ahmed who brought his homemade clock to school. did the teacher really do anything wrong by alerting school officials? since 9/11 we've been told time and time again how important it is to help stop potential terrorist activity. if we see something, say something. being handcuffed and suspended probably not the right action. saying something was. one of the main reasons we've continued to be safe here at home since 9/11 is because of the great work of police departments who thwarted dozens of attacks but also the vigilance of average american citizens. ahmed is going to the white house because he built a clock but the message shouldn't be we should stop saying something when we see it. you can always get my take on my
11:37 am
facebook page and fox defense secretary ash carter speaking with his russian counter part today. they spoke of a shared goal of defeating isis. this is satellite imagery, right there on your screen, of that base courtesy of the geopolitical intelligence and advisory firm. how is this for irony. japanese lawmakers trading punches at a recent session of parliament. the reason, debate over a bill changing the pacifist stance of
11:38 am
the military. this looks like mike and allen during the debate. forming a protective line around the chair to call the vote. that's an old tape. imagine if that happened here. sometimes it does behind the scenes. >> the government's been covering up the true threat of isis for years. even hiding the truth from congress. that's the claim now from the head of the house intelligence committee. he says that senior officials doctored intelligence reports on isis and when lawmakers tried to meet the analyst in person somebody lied and claimed the analysts were not at work. >> we were told that we couldn't meet with those people because they weren't there but later we found out not only were they there, they were prepared to brief. somebody's got to answer that question as to why they did not let us have access. >> kathryn has been working her
11:39 am
story. she'll have reaction from the pentag pentagon. we'll see you at the top of the hour. casino given the green light by court to fire cocktail waitresses for putting on or losing too much weight. facebook giving advertisers something to smile about. we're not so sure about average users. we'll fill you in on that. today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him.
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the pontiff is expected to arrive in havana tomorrow morning. facebook giving advertisers something to smielg about. new targeted ads that will appear from top to bottom on the users screen. there's still no guarantee
11:43 am
people will watch. two dogs trapped. one was trapped and the other refusing to leave her side until they were both rescued. both are doing fine. here is the waitress story. jersey judge ruling the casino can fire cocktail waitresses if they put on or lose too much weight. the lawsuit brought by nearly two dozen servers. these are not the women pictured here but you can see the uniforms kind of skimpy. the judge saying the women knew what they were getting into when they started the jobs. let's bring this our legal panel. tell us what happened here. does the law preclude the employer from actually setting a standard like this? >> it does not. the law allows for employers to set certain appearance standards.
11:44 am
they can regulate things how they dress, how they wear their hair. they can regulate their weight. what they can't do is apply them in a discriminatory fashion. the way the law was written, they aplplied it amongst all employees. they could not gain or lose more than 7% of their body weight during the course of their employment or face penalties. >> i guess part of this lawsuit is the fact some of these women had babies. it was post-pregnancy weight and because of that it was unfair. what do you think? >> it could be a little bit unfair because of the pregnancy. however, the women knew what they were getting into when they accepted the job. just like diane that said they have to apply it evenly. if they make exceptions that's where the employer makes
11:45 am
mistakes. you do it for one, you have to do it for all. it's very fair. the women knew about it and that's what the judge sided. the women knew about it before they started the position. they have the abide by rules. >> here is how they advertise for the jobs. this is a direct quote. they're beautiful, charming and bringing drinks. she moves toward you like a movie star. her smile melting the ice in your bourbon and water. you become the most important person in the room and relax in the knowledge there's no calories in eye candy. on scale of one to ten, elevens all. they are advertising these kind of women. any company can do this, can have these requirements for their employees? >> sure, of course. your appearance in a job like this is related to the job itself. they're not applying to be brain surgeons. they're applying for a job that requires their physical appearance to play a big part in the ability to be appealing to the customers.
11:46 am
the employer is looking for a specific type of woman to represent their brand. that's what they're doing. the exception is the judge allowed 11 plaintiffs to continue forward in this lawsuit. the reason for that were these women, as you touched upon before, were either pregnant or suffering from some sort of a medical condition and that puts them in a protected class which changes things under the law. >> that makes it different because it's a protected class. they can continue on with their lawsuit under sexual harassment or is that what they'll be doing? >> it was under the application in how the management handled it going forward. when you're in a protected class sump as you're pregnant or some other issue then that protects you from all types of situations as far as employment. this employer, they applied it evenly. as long as they applied it evenly to everyone else and the women know the stipulations then they have the right. in entertainment whether it's tv or movies or cocktail waitress,
11:47 am
appearance is very important. that's why it's allowed. >> we should point out too, i just happened to be there last weekend and i happened to see them. there were also men babes just to be fair and balanced. thank you much for your time. >> thanks. you know this story. he's accused of desertion and misbehaving before the enemy. do bergdahl's actions deem him worthy of a military trial? we'll bring you the latest. most pitchers don't like giving up home runs. after this one maybe he would rather the batter hit it out of park. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
11:48 am
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>> day two in the article 32
11:51 am
hearing for sergeant bowe bergdahl to determine if he should be tried in military court. charged with desertion, and misbehavior before the enemy, for leaving his platoon in afghanistan in 2009. casey stiegel is live for us in san antonio. so, casey, what witnesses has the defense called today? >> reporter: we heard testimony from major general kenneth dahl. a key witness, the one who led the u.s. army's investigation into the case and he also interviewed sergeant bowe bergdahl at great length following this release from the taliban. dahl says the 29-year-old soldier told him that he left his post because he thought his platoon was in danger, because of its leadership, and that he actually wanted to invoke a search so that he could get the attention of a general. dahl also testified that bergdahl ran for eight hours before he was eventually captured. the two-star general told the court today he does not believe bowe bergdahl should serve any
11:52 am
jail time. that's a big development. now, we also heard from kurtis averly. he says the soldier was injured while in captivity and has muscular nerve damage in this legs. >> so no jail time is that's recommendation from that witness. what has the prosecution's strategy been? >> reporter: the government spent much of yesterday trying to paint the fact that bergdahl plotted this escape. in fact they talked about how he sent his laptop computer and his kindle back home to his family and how he tried to divert his military pay to a relative. prosecutors also called witnesses who testified that bergdahl's fellow soldiers were put in extreme danger while they were out searching for him, a search that lasted about 45 days in hostile enemy territory. if this does go to a full
11:53 am
court-martial, by the way, we should tell you that bergdahl, if convicted, faces a life sentence. >> thank you. check us this scary scene on the mound for milwaukee brewers pitcher jimmy nelson. >> back away -- oh, no. >> carpenter is going to score. >> tough to watch. hit in the head with a line drive. lying face down for a minute before being able to walk off the field under his own power. the team announced hospital tests revealed only a bruise but there's a big debate whether or not pitchers should be wearing some sort of helmet, and if we start earlier with our kids, if they will grow into learning how to do that. buffalo bills, say they're ready for the showdown with the new england patriots this weekend. bills are trolling their upcoming opponent to try and get in their heads. they're pretty good. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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u.s. military says four more u.s.-trained moderate syrian rebels have joined the fight against eye is? syria. that raises now the total to nine. still far from the thousands the pentagon hoped to have by now. the general overseeing the war against isis says of the 54 u.s. trained rebels who entered syria in july, one was killed, one held captive, nine back in the fight. 11 are available but not in syria. 14 returned to syria but quit the u.s. program, and 18 remain unaccounted for. we have new back and forth in refugee crisis in europe. croatia suns hundreds of refugees to hungary by train, and hungary sending them back to crow asham the german chancellor angela merkel discussing the matter, agreeing it must be solved at external borders.
11:58 am
firefighters i can making progress in the deadly valley fire in wine country. it is now 40% contained and all evacuation advisories have been lifted. self firefighters have been burned. we're continuing to follow the developments in the wildfire situation in california and as always we'll bring you the latest. check this out. japanese fishermen reeling in quite a catch. look at that picture. now, can you name that fish? that is a giant wolf fish. the massive sea creature caught in waters near eastern russia. that's normally only grow to 40 inches but this thing is nearly seven feet long. the huge catch also raising questions about the effects of the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster on marine life. hmm. but the man who shot the photo says these massive fish are
11:59 am
normal or two the area. >> buffalo bills poking fun at the new england patriots ahead of the game this weekend. the bills selling inflating pumps at the team store. obvious jab at the patriots' deflate great scandal in which the team was accused of purposely underinflating balls. bills fans will attempt to break the guinness world record for loudest stadiums. that happens on sunday and they'll see if the team can beat the 142.2-decibel level set by kansas city chiefs fans last year. good luck. so the marines are closing off combat jobs to women. we asked you today, what do you thk about that? danny says, no women in co-ed combat units but all female ewans would let them match physical abilities to the mission. jim says there should be the same standards for men and women. he thinks the u.s. army set a good example with the rangers program. sandra thinks, some things only a man can do.
12:00 pm
we had a lot of you writing in today so thank you for that. and a hope you had a good week joining us for real real. thank you for joining us on a friday. i'm gretchen carlson, have a faction weekend. here's shep. >> where in -- world donald trump? there are lights and microphones and questions for the candidate from queens but no donald. what's the story here? if you know somebody's planning a crime, better give the cops a heads up. hours ago a friend of the accused charleston church shooter appeared in course, accused of failing to let anybody know that his buddy had a plan. now he is facing possible years in prison. plus the search for alien life. a well-respected scientist says extraterrestrials could be a lot closer than anybody realizes. maybe right here in our solar system. and there's a chance they're trying to contact us right


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